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Parts Catalog - Chevrolet Corvette C5, 1997-2004
  Parts Catalog >> Chevrolet Corvette C5, 1997-2004 >> Brake Pads, Fluid, and OEM replacement lines
 Part #   Brand  Name  Price 
HB247F575 Hawk HPS Brake Pads--Front *free shipping* $134.25
HB247G575 Hawk DTC-60 Race Brake Pads--Front *free shipping* $270.43
HB247N575 Hawk HP+ Brake Pads--Front *free shipping* $158.93
HB247S575 Hawk HT10 Race Brake Pads--Front *free shipping* $219.65
HB247U575 Hawk DTC-70 Race Brake Pads--Front *free shipping* $310.77
HB247Z575 Hawk Ceramic Brake Pads--Front *free shipping* $149.60
HB248F650 Hawk HPS Brake Pads--Rear *free shipping* $108.98
HB248G650 Hawk DTC-60 Race Brake Pads--Rear *free shipping* $197.57
HB248N650 Hawk HP+ Brake Pads--Rear *free shipping* $124.24
HB248S650 Hawk HT10 Race Brake Pads--Rear *free shipping* $186.53
HB248U650 Hawk DTC-70 Race Brake Pads--Rear *free shipping* $288.42
HB248Z650 Hawk Ceramic Brake Pads--Rear *free shipping* $121.21
Photo ATE Type 200 ATE Brake Fluid: Type 200-1Liter $17.95
Photo 90402 Red Line Oil RL-600 Brake Fluid 16oz. $16.95
Photo LCF-600 Brembo LCF-600 Brake Fluid $19.99
Photo FCP1553H Ferodo DS2500 Track Day Brake Pads--Front *free shipping* $266.06
FCP1553R Ferodo DS3000 Race Brake Pads--Front *free shipping* $386.45
Photo FCP1563H Ferodo REAR DS2500 Track Day Brake Pads *free shipping* $230.16
Photo DP41160R EBC YellowStuff Pad Set--REAR C5+C6 excluding Grand Sport, Z06, ZR1 $118.42
Photo DP41162R EBC YellowStuff Pad Set--FRONT C5+C6 excluding Grand Sport, Z06, ZR1 $171.65
DP51160NDX EBC BlueStuff Rear Set *free shipping* $142.12
DP51162NDX EBC BlueStuff Front Set *free shipping* $206.00
Photo 15Q8012K Wilwood PolyMatrix Q Compound Brake Pads--FRONT C5+C6 excluding Grand Sport, Z06, ZR1 $155.66

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