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  4-Piston Brake kit w/12.8-inch StopTech Blank Rotors (choose Black or Red calipers)   Add To Cart    

Part #:  4 piston kit #1
Brand:  Stranoparts
Price:  $1059.00

Call for wheel fitment questions. NOT ALL WHEELS WILL WORK, but most will. Some will need spacers, some will not. But we have those as well!!! Seen here with stock 5 spoke Camaro SS wheels which have no curve to the spokes at all, so a spacer is required on this wheel.

Partial list of wheels/spacer requirements:
-Early Camaro SS 5 spoke- 15mm spacer
-Later Camaro SS 10-spoke- 5mm spacer
-C5Z/C6Z front wheel- no spacer required
-Forgestar wheels- no spacer required
-C5Z rear wheel- no spacer required

***Installation of brackets on both LT1 and LS1 spindles requires simple modification which can be done while the spindle is on the car. A small amount of cutting and grinding is needed, LS1 models require less cutting than LT1 models. Instructions are included.

***Please note that not every 17" wheel will work and there is a template that should be used to check fitment, please call Strano Performance Parts and we can supply that to you. Some spacer may be required.

What is is? Simply put this is the best, most cost effective, ENGINEERED way to improve the braking performance on your 1993-2002 F-body. You can slam on other calipers meant for other cars but not sized correctly for the master cylinder, or requiring lots of wheel spacer because the rotors are hugely different than what's stock. This just works.

The kit comes complete with a set of Wilwood 4 piston calipers and Street performance brake pads, Brake Caliper Bracket, and Stainless Steel brake lines for the front of the car. As well as a pair of directional, curved vaned 12.8" blank brake rotors.

Not only are you getting better calipers that give more stopping power and a more firm brake pedal, but you also get a 1" larger diameter rotor than what's stock on an LS1 car and 2.3" larger than what's stock on an LT1. Aside from better heat dissipation, you just get more power from the additional leverage created by moving the caliper further from the axle centerline.

Available for the following vehicles:
Chevrolet Camaro & Pontiac Firebird, 1993-1997
Chevrolet Camaro & Pontiac Firebird, 1998-2002

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