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Dave Ogburn 11-6-2011 - ESP Camaro Z28 Top Pax Autocross Run

Dave was kind enough to share some footage taken off his new/my former Camaro. This is the first weekend running the car, and it went well from what I'm told. Indexed #1 and beat the current and something like 7 time ESP National Champion Mark Madarash. Dave is the 2011 A-Stock National Champion, and fresh back from Boundurant in Arizona, and is a test driver for Goodyear Tire and Rubber as well. He can wheel a car, the Camaro went to a good home and is being used for what I built it and used it to do.

Maybe I shouldn't have sold the car! :)

Except for some new tires the setup is the same here as you'll see on my 4/3/10 track-day video.

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